My Lady on Fire

My Lady On Fire is a service/work-for-hire company that specializes in music composition and songwriting. We can supply original arts of work for artists, producers, songs with lyrics, music to lyrics, instrumental music for film, advertisement and jingles. Not only do we have the ability to compose and write music and songs on demand for any need or purpose, we can record, produce and sync up to a visual media in one go allowing you to leave with a complete product.

Naree's Official Site

Naree's Official website. You can check out her blogs.

Naree's MySpace Site

A site where fans can interact with Naree, a page with a personal touch from the singer herself. If you have a myspace account why not ADD her!^_^

Knucklehead Strings

Naree Uses Knucklehead Strings on her "Coostic Geetar"

Pick Life Naree

Musicians support cancer research. See my Pick Life campaign

Naree Bio

Full Bio for Naree

Cancer information UK

Excellent site for all information regarding cancer

Canadian Cancer Society

If you care you must visit this site "Lets Make Cancer History"

American Cancer Society

Home page of the American Cancer Society, all the information you
will ever need regarding this subject.
See my Pick life page at

John Londei Photographer

Talant runs in the Family.


Unleash Your Music

Sonalysts Studio

Sonalysts Studios is a full-service production facility comprising the film, television, audio, design and animation production media center; Power Station New England recording studio; New England's largest and quietest sound stages; and set and exhibit fabrication facility. Our highly creative environment and world-class facilities have accorded us the privilege to play host to the likes of Joe Cocker, Loctite, Steven Speilberg, AT&T, Rosie O'Donnell, United Technologies, Swarovski, and the U.S. Navy.

The Beehouse Recording Studio

Naree recorded her first two albums at the Beehouse.