Hell's Flames
Verse 1: So I crawled from the grave
And I burned in hell?s flames
But I?ve been stabbed through the chest to many times not to learn
But baby how it hurts

I?ve been seeing through blood with the blade of a rusty sword
Filled with feeling of hate you deserted me
I can?t deny I miss you

Chorus: And I would die all alone weather if I am known
At least I said that I did my best but it?s a lie
And I will scream all these words though I?m sure I won?t be heard
Seem these days everyone?s deaf
But then you touched me, why did you touch me?

Verse 2: Now that I have moved on
You come back to me once again
Put a stake trough my heart and let me blow away
I don?t need you


Bridge: Pain, life I guess it comes in the whole package
Fear, death makes a perfect match
All of these belong,
Where do I belong?

Chorus 3x
Song Length: 4:34
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -