Midnight Assassin
Midnight Assassin

Verse 1: If only I could see myself in the way when I was nine
I take the blade I know so well and stick up inside myself
Everything I wouldn't do now I have done
The choice I made six years ago has filled me up with lies and smoke and guns
(Repeat 2x)

Chorus: And I am slowly moving time to get out from this
And I would die if it would save your life
At night when I go oh how I wish I was by your side.

Instrumental Chorus

Verse 2: A whisper in the wind they hear that I am now in love
Feel sorry for me listeners I have a broken heart
And every instrument they play goes deep beneath my skin
Cause I refuse to let them win, how could I just give in

Chorus: Cause I believe the world deserves happy endings
And I life should be bright so I'll fight for my piece of heaven
And is it too much to ask to cry with the ones that I love

Instrumental Chorus

Verse 3: You see I do a job that requires many skills
Eliminating obstacles the fashions black and steel
I can never tell you so you'll never understand
Instead you'll gossip all you want pretend I won't found out.

Cause you should hear the things they say about me (Repeat 4x)

Chorus: Cause I believe one for a millions a price
So take the life that you have and treat it right
For we could run we could run what's the point with no meaning?
So just let it go all the values the worth that you hold.
Let it go, this is what we've been waiting for I know
Let it go, this is what we've been waiting for I know
Song Length: 5:48
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Mood 1: Cheerless
Mood 2: Restless
Language: English