Hyde and Seek
Verse 1: Oh can you hear them coming for me
I've done something so bad, you'll never believe this story
Like magic from a top hat, it happened so fast
I was gone before the aftermath

Pre-Chorus: Tell them that you never saw me
You don't even know my name
Tell them that I was never here
And one day you will find me, take this bottle and keep it near
Take this bottle and keep it near, take this bottle get away from here

Cause I am changing, cause I am changing

Chorus: Hey! Here I am, you've never seen me like this before
Let's go, don't put your hands up on the wall
Hey! Choose a half, it's good or evil or nothing at all
Tonight we'll Hyde, we'll be someone we can't recall

Verse 2: Stop! I can feel my body craving it's happening so fast
Ingredients that I possess hate and love and pure madness

P.C: Tell them that you saw my glory, the name that you can't forget
Tell them that I'm everywhere


Instrumental Bridge

Chorus 2x
Lyrics Credits: Rebecca Naree Londei
Music Credits: Rebecca Naree Londei
Producer Credits: Rebecca Naree Londei
Performance Credits: Rebecca Naree Londei
Song Length: 3:32
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-Rock
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal